Our Work

Using a three pronged market-based assessment approach, MyGameplan.org, a division of Patmos, LLC uses a combination of easy to use on-line assessments to generate tailored recommendations, and if needed targeted technical assistance and consulting services, to develop a “gameplan” for action and change. They offer a range of solutions and supports, providing technology and consultative services to help nonprofits succeed in this challenging economic and philanthropic environment.

At the core of MyGamePlan.org’s services is the Organizational Resiliency Gameplan (ORG), a ground-breaking software that acts as a “stress test” to assess an organization’s health, resiliency, strength and adaptiveness. Uniquely designed to give each organization a comprehensive assessment of its organizational and financial heath, the ORG examines five critical areas of a nonprofit’s resiliency:

  • Financial and organizational management
  • Resource generation
  • Operations and infrastructure
  • Governance and leadership
  • Programs

MyGamePlan.org works with both individual organizations and cohorts of organizations through the foundations that support them to develop effective long-term resiliency and growth plans. They also work directly with foundations to help them assess and assist grantees on a range of critical measures.

To learn more about the ORG, or to see sample questions and recommendations click here.

To learn more about the related services of MyGameplan.org including Consulting and Technical Assistance, CEO and Board Seminars and Speaking click here.