Succession Planning – Tips on what you can do today to prepare for tomorrow

by jhilley on September 17, 2013

Lack of a succession plan for key leadership and employees can cause havoc in an organization as it struggles to function following a planned or unexpected exit of a key leader or employee. It is an invisible problem until it hits. When it does it can spell disaster.

9 slides with useful tips you can start doing now.

Effective organizations pay attention to the importance of succession planning. And effective succession planning involves keeping your eyes on the three balls of continuity of leadership, risk management and strategic leader development so the invisible doesn’t become a problem when your organization faces planned or unexpected exits of your key employees.

Drawing upon our work with organizations, we have prepared a slideshare with tips on things you can do today to make sure you don’t have a big problem tomorrow when it comes to addressing leadership development gaps and organizational risks.  Click here to view our tips.

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