Organizational Resiliency Gameplan

The ORG: Organizational Resiliency Gameplan is a proven solution for helping nonprofit organizations grow their capacity by becoming more resilient.

What is the ORG?

The ORG is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cost-effective, scalable assessment tool. Unlike other assessments that only explore a single area of an organization’s capacity and health (like finances) or give an overall score, the ORG tool examines key indicators across 5 critical areas of a nonprofit’s resiliency:

  • Financial and organizational managementORG: Three Selling Points
  • Resource generation
  • Operations and infrastructure
  • Governance and leadership
  • Programs

What does the ORG provide?

The ORG gives nonprofit leaders, Board members or Foundation program officers an instant snapshot of their organization and provides them a comprehensive picture assessing the organization in the 5 areas of organizational health.

Upon completing a self-paced, on-line assessment, the organization receives an Organizational Resiliency Gameplan Report –an automatic report giving an overall resiliency score plus a resiliency capacity score in each of the 5 critical areas. In addition, the report shows areas of strength and areas for improvement in easy to read dashboards. Urgency indicators prioritize the 3-5 areas of highest priority for the organization to focus on.

How can the ORG be used?

Unlike other assessments that only give bullet-point recommendations, the report provides extensive recommendations and a resource library of tools for organizations interested in improving. The ORG can also be used to:

  • Assess organizational health, capacity and effectiveness;
  • Clarify resiliency capacity, strengths and challenges;
  • Evaluate capacity of internal systems; and
  • Assess readiness for funding and growth by asking the questions that foundations ask.

Taken once a year by an organization, it provides immediate feedback on the organization based on the 5 areas for resiliency.  Taken twice a year, it can track progress over time and measure improvements and continued areas for growth.

Outcomes of the ORG include the ability of nonprofits to:

  •  Improve resiliency capacity in order to ensure sustainability;
  • Streamline, simplify and improve processes for maximum community impact;
  • Maximize alignment to reduce redundancy and save resources; and
  • Develop a holistic approach to organizational development by giving them the tools to assess processes and structures against the true capacity of internal system and staff.

For a printable PDF summary of the ORG click here.

How does the ORG work:

  1. Your organization receives a Participant Pass to access the software and receive instructions on how to use the ORG.
  2. The online survey tool is completed at your pace.
  3. With up to date financials in hand and with knowledge of board and management policies and practices, the online survey can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.
  4. A tailored, comprehensive Organizational Resiliency Gameplan Report is provided immediately upon completion and includes an overall resiliency index as well as indexes for financial, governance, programmatic, and infrastructure capacities. The report also includes prioritized urgency indicators to facilitate the conversation among board and key leadership and management about priorities and planning moving forward.
  5. Extensive recommendations give your leaders a ready-made game plan.
  6. A responsive online help desk and free telephone technical support for using the tool and registering users is immediately available.
  7. A follow-up with our staff to interpret results and to assist leadership in developing specific steps in your organization’s gameplan.
  8. Follow-up coaching, workshops, and consultative assistance are readily available for additional cost.

For more information on purchasing a Organizational Resiliency Gameplan Participant Pass, click here.