If you are looking for transparent methods to increase the effectiveness of the organization you work with or want to find a way to measure the social value of the impact of their work.  MyGamePlan offers a range of solutions and supports; providing technology and consultative services to help nonprofits succeed in this challenging economic and philanthropic environment. The ORG tool and strategic services provided by Mygameplan and Patmos are vital resources for those interested in strengthening the nonprofit sector.

An overview of services include:

  • The ORG: User friendly diagnostic tool that helps strengthen individual nonprofits
  • Technical Assistance and Consulting: Using the Results Generated by the ORG tool

 For Non-Profits:

    • Board Governance and Leadership Succession Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Organizational Assessments and Alignment of Processes and Systems for Greater Mission Effectiveness
    • Financial Management Practices
    • Continuity of Operations Planning for Reducing Risks and Preparing for Business Interruptions and Disasters
    • Developing Organizational and Programmatic Metrics

 For Foundations:

    • Philanthropic Environmental Analysis for your Social Impact Sector
    • Aggregate reports produced of the collective (de-identified) data of grantees to measure the pool of grantees as a whole and as an evaluative learning tool towards increasing organizational capacity of nonprofits
    • Sharing of best practices and innovative solutions for increased social value creation and mission impact among grantees through training and seminars


  • CEO and Board Seminars
    • Designed as follow-up to issues raised in the reports generated these seminars provide models that will help the organization address its most pressing challenges and opportunities.


  • Sample Speaking Presentations:
    • “Using Business Intelligence and Dashboards for Analysis, Operations, and Reporting”; Tennessee Primary Care Assn., Nashville
    • “Building Strategic Action and Operational Plans”; Cashiers, NC
    • “Using Business Intelligence for Strategy Assessment and Planning”, Presenter, Belmont University Executive Education Program; Nashville, TN
    • “Business Resiliency” – Informed and Inspired Speaker Series, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
    • “Implementing Your Plan” – Tennessee Bankers Association
    • “The Importance of Organizations Having Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plans”– Turnaround Management Association – Tennessee Chapter
    • “Doubling Down on Business Continuity Planning in a Volatile Economy” – National Association of IT Professionals
    • “The Importance of a Healthcare Resiliency Plan”- Nexus Conference
    • “Building the Organizational Capacity of Your Nonprofit” – Bancorp South CRA Event for Nonprofits
    • “Engaging Youth in Communities” – Southern Growth Gathering , Raleigh
    • “Promoting Active Engagement: Giving Youth an Active Role in Building Community and Economic Security” – Family Re-Union Gathering of Al and Tipper Gore and the Child and Family Policy Center of Vanderbilt University


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